“It’s too darn hot at the Costa Verde Hotel, where Maxine Faulk (Janet Saia) presides over the full drink cart and the empty rooms, mourning her dead husband only between frolics with her Mexican employees… Saia and Fiore turn in great performances.”

New Theater Corp

“As Maxine, Janet Saia hits the notes of both a dissatisfied nymph and of a desperate woman.”

New Theater Corp

“Janet Saia is a tough, sensual Maxine, but she always allows us to see the dissatisfaction and loneliness that haunts this woman.”


“As Maxine Faulk, Janet is a loud, lusty American who has no demons because she has no morals, a bold and shameless con artist.”

Curtain Up

“Saia, in particular, conveys a languid, offbeat sensuality and boasts a very charismatic midriff.”


“Standouts include Janet Saia as the sultry widow Maxine, appropriately crass and beautiful. Her physical language on stage is definitely captivating.”

The Fab Marquee